Alejandro Glatt: Leading the NFT Revolution with Crypto Papayas

Alejandro Glatt has firmly established himself as the number one NFT artist in Mexico through his innovative and groundbreaking project, Crypto Papayas. Since its inception, Crypto Papayas has revolutionized the digital art scene, seamlessly blending art, technology, and nature. Alejandro’s unique approach has led to the successful launch of 12 distinct collections across two different blockchain cryptocurrencies, captivating a global audience.

Alejandro’s influence extends beyond his digital creations. He has presented, spoken, and exhibited his work at some of the world’s most prestigious cryptocurrency and Web3 conferences. His presence and insights have left a lasting impact on the community at these key events:


In addition to his individual achievements, Alejandro co-founded the Tulum Crypto Fest, further solidifying his position as a leading figure in the intersection of art and blockchain technology.

Moreover, Alejandro has been recognized and supported by major blockchain networks, receiving grants from prominent platforms such as Polygon, Skale, XRP, and Celo. These grants have been instrumental in advancing his projects and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the NFT space.

Explore Alejandro Glatt’s revolutionary Crypto Papayas collections and join the movement that is transforming the digital art landscape. His work not only represents artistic innovation but also embodies the future of art in the digital age:


Summer of love


Papayas to the Moon


Messi Papayas


Dando Papaya







Collection Description:

SpaceBlue, in collaboration with Alejandro Glatt, introduces a series of 12 digital collectibles, each linked to a physical artwork. These pieces are reinterpretations of photographs taken at Woodstock in 1969, for which Glatt secured official rights. overlays texts, infusing each image with new meaning. This refreshed artwork was presented at Summer of Love x Coachella in April 2024.


Alejandro Glatt works, derived from iconic Woodstock images, carry the essence of a defining era into the present day. These pieces embody the spirit of a cultural milestone and are now available as collectible items.


This limited collection consists of 12 individual creations, hosted on Bitcoin Ordinals and available through SpaceBlue.

Physical art details and measurements:

Record: Gold brushed metal trim and record made of acrylic gold


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