After a week traveling, exploring and filming some of the most paradisiacal clips in my life, i’m presented a live visual set in one of the most amazing and cool places in the whole world Pretty Poison Bali: with the music of LOS BRENGOS “Like a piece of `80s So-Cal skate culture was magically transported to the rice fields of Canggu. The bar, which was inspired by the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, has an empty pool in the back, and a great diverse crowd of surf bums, backpackers, Balinese skaters, and hip-hop heads.” Text via VICE

Después de viajar, explorar y filmar algunos de los mejores videos en mi vida, presenté un set de visuales en vivo compañado de música de LOS BRENGOS en uno de los lugares más increíbles y fantásticos del mundo:
Pretty Poison Bali