As a FRUIT ARTIST, my biggest challenge has been always finding the channels to sell Ephemeral Art such as is FRUIT,

today with the help of Blockchain technology, I'm able to present the first CRYPTO FRUIT IN HISTORY OF HUMANITY (Yes, it's true)

NFT ART (Non-Fungible Token) is not the artwork itself — it is the license to the artwork that is attached to the digital artwork on the blockchain.

This first series of 7, the CRYPTO PAPAYA has 7 different collectible versions and can be purchased at @uniqueone_ou NFT marketplace  

the artworks are 69.000 DAI each, and of course, with time, their value will grow and grow

This joint effort in collab with @thefreedomrebel and the new Crypto Art agency setting up is really a game-changer for the art industry.