Colaboración con la marca Mulata & Betabel “CORAL”. Diseño de prendas 100% algodón con el objetivo de crear conciencia sobre el blanqueamiento del Coral. Proyecto con la fundación Restore Coral
Clothing desing collaboration with Tulum based brand Mulata & Betabel . Collection created to raise awareness for the coral bleaching around the world and a part of the designated to Restore Coral Foundation
the intervention with two amazing artists Ronda Rodriquez and Julia Kush Blameyusing the assemblage technique with fabric painting adding elements such as beads to project out coral forms
Shoot by: @the.polf
Model: @xflorspinelli
Design: @juliakushblamey@rondarodriquez @alejandroglatt
Sirenas: @aniaviles @bocanegram